Unwrapping Diasporas

Unwrapping Diasporas - Geist 105 - copie.jpg

This publication was part of an eight-month investigative multimedia project about remittances, including money transfers to Syria, Turkey, Mexico, and Haiti. These images are 360° videos “unwrapped” on a flat surface, like the round Earth on a map.

Whether in times of war or peace, thousands of immigrants are doing the same: they send cash to their country of origin or to relatives who have had to take refuge outside their own country. Taken together, these routine and repetitive acts have become a very important cash flow to developing countries. According to the World Bank, migrants sent to their home countries more than $580 billion in 2015. At a global level, it amounts to more than three times the official development assistance, an economy that — if the 250 million migrants were to form a single country — would be among the top 25 in the world. Migrants in Canada send more money abroad per capita than any other country, and more than 20 percent of the country’s population was born elsewhere.

To see the multimedia project (in French): bit.ly/transfertsmigrants


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